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We have been honored to have the following preachers for special days and revivals:

Bro. Carl  Baugh
Bro. Walley  Beebe
Bro. Mark  Birdwell
Bro. C.C. Brady
Bro. Billy  Bridges
Bro. Odis  Bryan
Bro. Harold  Clayton
Bro. Mark  Cole
Bro. Dennis  Erwin
Bro. Mack  Ford
Bro. Ben  Gibbs
Bro. Curtis  Harrington
Bro. Sonny  Holland
Missionary  Rick  Horn  (Thailand)
Bro. Don  Lofton
Bro. Ed  McAbee
Bro. Johnny  Pope
Bro. Bill  Ramsey
Bro. Johnny  Ramsey
Bro. J.Harold  Smith
Bro. Jimmy  Thorpe
Bro. James  Wilkins

Singing Groups who have brought us special music:


Blackwood Brothers
The Brady Trio
The Causeys
The Tommy Drewett Family
The Glad Tidings Trio
The Glory Road Singers
God's Brady Bunch
Van Johnson
The Martins
The Mid - South Boys
The New Born Believers
Tender Mercies Trio
The Watkins Family
The Bob Wills Family
The Wills Family